DOG BLOG … or FINDING A WAY: Hey! That’s My job

DOG BLOG … or FINDING A WAY: Hey! That’s My job

A journal of the life and travels of Graeme Innes from the perspective of his guide dog Arrow

Monday 16 November

Wow, the boss has finished writing that bloody book. I saw him boasting about it on Twitter. About time too. I’ve been doing far too much sitting around and sleeping on the balcony while he wrote that.

It must be huge – he’s been typing for days. Hope he gave me a starring role.

Oh well, at least he did a lot of work on it when we were down at Gerringong last week. I liked it there. Maureen talked him into taking me to the beach a bit and letting me off the lead. And then Rachel would just come and steal me and take me to the beach. I like being with the boss, but it’s all work work work.

At least with Rachel I get to have some fun. All work and no play makes Arrow a dull dog you know.

The book has caused me to think. I’ve decided to start blogging

– damned if I’m going to let the boss have all the profile. I’ll sneak it on to his blog site – probs he won’t notice. And if he does I’ll tell him it will help with book sales – that should get him off my case.

Tuesday 17 November

Oh my goodness! The boss is packing the bag. We just got back from the South Coast and it looks like we are on the road again.

I wonder how far we are going this time. Hope I get to ride in the back seat of the car so I can look out the window.

I watched very carefully. He’s just made up eleven dog dinners.

This could be a big one. And damn it, he didn’t drop a crumb – note to self, jostle his elbow more often.

Wednesday 18 November

I heard the zipping this morning after he and Maureen came back from their walk. He’s showered and dressed – nice suit today but no tie, probably means its meetings rather than speeches. I wish he’d just let me look at his calendar so that I knew what to expect. I wonder if Hey Siri works with barking or loud doggy panting. Might try that if he would ever leave me with the phone.

And we’re off (very excited tail wagging) It’s harness on so it’s a taxi. Damn I don’t get to look out the window. But I can sleep down here on the floor. Hope no-one runs into the back of our taxi like they did yesterday. That gave me a fright and I may have disgraced myself with the little expression of wind I let go. Don’t think they minded too much. Boris our cab driver was more concerned about looking at the back of his car. And the boss is used to my breaks of wind.

Oh I know this place. We’re at PwC. Some sort of meeting. The carpets are nice to lie on here, but the boss and those PwC people do talk a lot. Oh well.

And we’re off again. Another taxi. And it’s the airport. I love flying. Can spread out on the floor of the plane, get admiring smiles from flight attendants and passengers, and the carpet is just crumb heaven. Great.

We’re off to Melbourne. 720 km. I’m going to count them this time.

Another taxi, and a café. Meeting – cafés seem to be the boss’ meeting place of choice. More crumbs.

Now across the road and into the Treasury building. This must be important. Oh Department of Education bureaucrats – with some old friends amongst them from when the boss was Commissioner.

He’s talking to them about the Programme for Students with Disabilities. He’s quite articulate when he gets warmed up you know. I didn’t even snore.

Another taxi and the airport again. Wow, that security guy just pointed and said over there three times before he got it and used left and right. I must be invisible.

This time we’re off to Adelaide – another 650 km. That’s 1370 km for the day. Not bad, but I think tomorrow might beat it.

Does this guy ever stop? He’s dropped our bags at the hotel and now off to a late dinner with colleagues from tomorrow’s conference. Doesn’t he realise an old dog needs her beauty sleep?

Nice hotel though, good carpets. I hope he takes me for a walk in the morning.

12 thoughts on “DOG BLOG … or FINDING A WAY: Hey! That’s My job

  1. Hilarious, ironic how Arrow and ‘the Boss’ share a similar sense of humour. Enjoyed the not so veiled reference about the security guard saying over there x3 vs. left and right and Arrow’s apparent invisibility. May have been another opportunity for Arrow to make his presence known by breaking wind! As a mature age student studying Disability (or as I like to call it Difability) great practical example to discuss in class. Look forward to reading the book. Hope you come to Geelong as part of a book tour…

    1. I too love the ‘over there’ part. Sometimes when people say that they are not looking or even pointing anywhere and some even use the same technique on the phone. I’d like to see people use some of their intelligence and recognise some of mine…

  2. My Temp carer let me read this. I thought work would be all go go go and I need to conserve my strength before I meet my client next year. My training was pretty hard – so many things to learn in a short time. I’m blonde and very much a girlie girl but all I hope for is that I make my new client’s life easier. I love getting around in the car because we have a great coffee shop nearby and sometimes there are the odd crumbs I can scavenge!
    In the mean time I get to educate some people and the locals are pretty good. If they know I’m a guide dog they ask if they can pat me and to be fair about 80% say “so we can’t pat her?” When I’m not in harness it’s OK- but it’s great that you ask first. (especially with small kids who might pull my whiskers or tail!)
    My temp carer has also learned many things following your Boss’s blog -not necessarily just about sight impaired people but a whole range of disabilities.
    May you have many more happy travels, Arrow.

  3. Jeez Arrow, you’re so brave. I hate the car and I reckon I would hate the plane too. I just like lolling around on the couch or going for a walk with my mum. And I like eating. A lot.

    Can’t wait to read your next tale (tail).

    From Bundy

  4. Hi Graeme,
    We recently witnessed a terrible incident at Adelaide Airport Security. I have written to the airport but after reading about your recent experience at the same facility, I thought I would like to send my letter to you as well. If you have some method for me to send it either by post or email, I would greatly appreciate this.
    Rob Wildman

  5. Sorry I forgot to mention that the incident involved a grandmother and her down syndrome daughter or grand daughter.

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