My Choice My Future

One of my favourite child-hood memories is the family visit to the Royal Easter Show. It was proceeded by weeks of anticipation, the animals, the exhibition halls, the rides and the fireworks. And we were all allowed to choose our three favourite show-bags.

Whether you grew up in Melbourne and it was the show in September, or if your child-hood was in Brisbane and it was the Ekka in August, it was always a time of excitement.

The world has moved on from such events. This change was occurring before Covid, but the virus has just accelerated that change. We now go to virtual events, where the uncomfortable wooden seat in the arena is replaced by our favourite armchair, the long wait in the ticket queue is replaced by a simple clickthrough, and that wonderful smell of hot chips and fresh popcorn is replaced by the pandemic baking smells coming from our own kitchens. It’s a different world.

But we still see possibilities which may shape our future, and we still make our choices – not showbags now but products and services.

I’m going to one of these expo’s this weekend, and I thought you might join me. It’s the Virtual Disability Expo, which used to take place in Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney, Nepean, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. But now it’s coming to a screen near you.

Do you want to know about the four key foods which can give you more energy? Learn more about your disability service provider and possible alternatives. Here from some great speakers and view some excellent about ways in which you could use your NDIS plan. These are just some of the things you can do if you register at It’s happening this Friday and Saturday.

As an added bonus, I am interviewed on the virtual stage on Friday at 1 PM and you can ask me anything in the virtual chat.

There’s no traffic jam in the parking lot or ticket queues. There’s no tired crying children on the way home. Just sit in your favourite armchair and click the link.

Seeya there 😀

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